Kaye/Bassman International

Kaye/Bassman International, the owners of Sanford Rose Associates®, started our journey over thirty years ago as a one-person franchise office.  Over the course of the next several decades, we grew to become the largest single-site search firm in the world and perpetually ranked as the #1 billing office within that franchise network of over almost a thousand recruiting organizations.  This experience has given us unique insight into franchise networks from a franchisee perspective as well as a broad understanding of nearly every type of search firm business model that exists.

We have studied and understand virtually every approach that firms use to differentiate themselves in the market.  Kaye/Bassman operates as a laboratory for Sanford Rose Associates (SRA) best practices; we are consistently trying and testing new approaches and methodologies and those that are most effective are shared with the SRA network.  We have the manpower and resources to test and expose our franchisees to innovative techniques and approaches that they would not otherwise be privy to, giving our network a competitive advantage that does not exist elsewhere.

Next Level Exchange

Founded by a mission to dramatically change the recruiting industry by elevating the competencies and capabilities of recruitment professionals around the globe, Next Level Exchange is synonymous with delivering proven best practices, training, consulting and marketing solutions specifically designed for the search and staffing industry.  Global relevancy comes from the compilation of tenured producers, excellent leaders and recognized recruiting trainers who come from a variety of backgrounds, niches, styles, cultures and personalities – each of them with a proven, referencable and quantifiable track record of success in the recruitment industry.

Instead of relying on one trainer, or one approach, or one methodology, you will have the opportunity to have access to dozens of industry insiders; this is the leading training program in the entire recruitment industry.

Next Level Marketing Communications

Next Level Marketing Communications (NL MarCom) is our in-house digital marketing communications strategy, design and solutions firm.  Comprised of a team of experts focusing in business-to-business communications for the recruiting industry, NL MarCom gives you a direct connection for web design and hosting, graphic design, social and video marketing strategies, email marketing solutions, and brand and business identity.

As a Sanford Rose Associates Owner, you will be provided the opportunity for a turnkey marketing strategy, all fueled by unique marketing automation solutions, consistent branding, great design and scalable web and SEO solutions.  This will be one of the most effective ways to drive new business, and NL MarCom will work with you collaboratively to create marketing plans, marketing message deliverables and measurement points for results – all customized for you but within the framework of an established and influential brand.