Embedded in our proprietary process is a detailed 32-step search progression, summarized to a current or prospective client as follows:

Understanding Client Needs

In order to have a true strategy to identify, evaluate, attract, and secure the very best talent available in a timely manner, we must first have sufficient information from the client.  Our objective is not to feel like an external recruiter, but rather a member of our client’s internal recruiting team.  Although needs and requirements may sometimes change during the course of a search engagement, unless there is a clear mutual understanding or anchor point established up front, it is challenging to ensure that our candidates are truly the appropriate and best match.

Position and Opportunity Profile

A summary of the client’s needs and requirements are compiled into a comprehensive Position Profile to ensure we accurately reflect the client’s requirements, appropriately match the candidate’s background and experience to the responsibilities and requirements described by the client, and provide compelling information to prospective candidates regarding the uniqueness of the position as well as the company’s “sizzle”.

Candidate Identification

We create an extensive plan customized for the search utilizing proprietary databases, as well as the Internet and other state of the art tools and technologies, for this initial phase.  However, most often the best candidates come from the extensive network of contacts we have established; referrals from colleagues are typically the best source of qualified passive individuals.  The key to successful referrals is in the compelling presentation about our client’s opportunity presented to every possible candidate in hopes of widening the net and spreading the positive story about our client, their department, their future, and this opportunity.  Candidates will be screened on more than just their skills; they will also be qualified based on experience, chemistry and motivation.  Depending on the specific job, we may contact literally hundreds of candidates before identifying a suitable quantity of quality prospects for pre-qualification.

Interview Process and Debriefing

As SRA Search Consultants, we thoroughly conduct a complete preparation for both parties prior to any initial conversation.  A candidate should know exactly who they will be meeting with, what their backgrounds are, what questions they will ask, what their interview and personality styles are, and how to discuss next steps at the end of the meeting.  Similarly, the client should understand why this individual is receptive to making a change, what their top motivating factors are, what they liked about this opportunity, what they might be hesitant about, and anything else pertinent to the attraction and screening process.  Following the interview, we debrief both the client and candidate and talk through what worked, what didn’t work, what might not have been covered as thoroughly as it should have been, and help both parties determine the next steps.  We continue to consult throughout this process until ultimately, we should have a candidate who wants to work for our client and a client who is excited to extend an offer to this candidate.  We are trained to sense any “red flags” in areas such as relocation, compensation, family and timeframe to making a change.  These are just a few of such issues that might occur during the candidate recruitment process and, not only inform clients of such issues, but work with client and candidate (if possible) to resolve them expeditiously.

Reference and Background Checks

Our offices establish with the client the defined process with respect to the details and timing required for reference and background checks as well as who will conduct them; we are able to assist clients in whatever manner desired to ensure such checks are done at the appropriate stage in the interviewing process.

Offer and Acceptance:  Once we have two parties that have both been attracted, qualified, evaluated, and now ready to take those next steps of partnering together for career and organizational advancement, we will we work collaboratively to create an offer that is presented effectively and intended to be accepted immediately.

Resignation Consultation:  Resignation can be a very stressful experience for candidates; we will coach the candidate during this delicate timeframe and share preparations, suggestions, and best practices to help make this a seamless transition, but also leave a good impression with the current company.

Post-Placement Follow Up:  Prior to the candidate’s start date, during the early phase of employment, and for months after the candidate’s date of hire, it is essential to follow-up with both the client and the candidate to ensure a successful on-boarding process!  As Sanford Rose Associates, we consult throughout the process and make sure goals are confirmed for the first several months of employment, a mentorship program or training program is in place, reviews are scheduled early and often, and anything else that will help create a long-term match for both parties.