Our unique approach to our network has literally not just elevated the game, but changed the game entirely in our industry. We invite you to apply for your golden ticket, but first we would like to give you a brief overview of who we are, what we offer, how this can be of benefit to you.

Family of Companies

The mantra of allowing people to be in business for themselves but not by themselves, and thus being part of something bigger than oneself, has been our guiding philosophy.

This overview will give you a better understanding of Kaye/Bassman International who acquired Sanford Rose Associates International in January 2012 as well as the Next Level Exchange organization and Sanford Rose Associates itself.


The hiring team at SRA are experts in identifying, screening, and qualifying prospective recruiters, and the goal of our hiring support is to help in the expansion of your team while still allowing you to maintain the momentum of your core business.

The profit of one hire in his or her first few years alone that may not have happened without our involvement could pay for all of the costs associated with being in the network for decades to come.

Training and Professional Development

The bottom line is that one of the strongest value propositions a leader can give to an employee is the ability for that individual to perpetually grow in all dimensions – in a search firm, that perpetual growth comes from the broad term of training, but a more accurate term is learning.

Through our Facilitated Foundation Training Program, Next Level Exchange, Owner Therapy Sessions, SRA Training Webinars, and On-Demand Live Workshops, our SRA Owners have the opportunity to provide perpetual growth for every individual within their organization.

Consulting and Coaching

Every SRA Office is assigned a tenured coach who has a demonstrated track record in helping owners and recruiters around the globe reach their fullest potential.

That coach is dedicated to helping each office accomplish their own individual and unique professional objectives – both as an organization and as individual producers.

Marketing Communications

The Sanford Rose Associates Marketing Communications team is comprised of digital marketers, recruiters and researchers who specialize in digital marketing for the search industry and who have charged thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars annually to other search firms to do this kind of work in our industry.

Accounting and Operations

The SRA Finance and Operations team will help guide and support you with the time-consuming parts of running a business that keeps you out of your market and generating revenue for the firm.

Simply put, your firm needs systems that will adapt to the changing needs of your organization, and we have a proven history of creating and managing those constantly evolving systems.


Our team of Technology experts can be your IT liaison, your primary “Go To” for most all of your Help Desk remote support and basic systems maintenance, and your advocate with telecom providers, computer vendor solutions and will provide you with the answers you need on hardware and software decisions.


As a result of our ability to aggregate the collective buying power of our network and related organizations, we are able to secure substantial discounts with a wide variety of vendors.

The collective savings from what an average sized and average use organization is currently paying is easily over ten-thousand dollars a year; in some cases it is conceivable that these annual savings alone could actually exceed the total annual royalties paid!


As any business owner knows, legal matters are a necessary component of operating a search firm – however, search firm owners spending time in legal issues has not just the expense of the legal professionals but also the opportunity cost of that time out of their leadership and production roles.

Split Network Opportunities

Sanford Rose Associates has extensive split networking opportunities that exist both internally as well as externally. This could positively benefit your clients as they fill critical roles or your candidates find the right opportunity by utilizing the expertise of the totality of our networks.

Our split network opportunities expand your reach, maximize your earning potential, enhance your credibility and ensure a strategic advantage in this globally competitive landscape.


Our culture within SRA is one of the value propositions which may be most difficult to quantify but easiest to appreciate and experience. Surrounding oneself with the right people is a significant contributor to professional growth and success for most any professional – but in a pure people business like recruiting, it is crucial.

We believe that not only do our franchisees attract a higher caliber of talent as a result of our brand, network, and reputation, but that talent can produce at a higher level as a result of healthy internal competition and training.


We are passionate about what we do and, as you can see, certainly are not shy about promoting and selling our offering. That said, we do have the luxury of growing at the pace we want, with the people we want and without creating over-saturation in any market.

What we do know is that we will be surrounded by people we care about and doing work we truly love. Let us know if you want that too!